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Blank Firing Weapons

With safety as our number one priority we are dedicated to providing the highest quality blank firing weapons. Our professional gun armorers will ensure that all firearms are handled in a safe and appropriate manner while on set. We will provide any necessary training to all performers so that they may feel fully comfortable with any firearm given to them. Training will include: safety aspect of the weapon, loading and firing and tactical movement with firearm if needed. All of our guns are "real," made from the top selling brands but are modified to shoot only blanks and will not accept or fire live ammunition. 


  • Remington 870

  • Winchester

  • Ithica

  • Browning


  • Glock

  • Smith & Wesson

  • H&K

  • Berreta

  • Sig Sauer

  • Colt

  • Taurus

  • Walther

  • Remington

Assult Rifles - Tactical Rifles

  • Colt AR-15

  • M-4

  • H&K MP-5

  • AK-47

  • Remington 700

  • Ruger mini 14

  • Sig Sauer G36 

  • Thompson Center

  • Browning

  • Mac 10

  • Uzi

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