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Indoor Displays

Using the best indoor pyrotechnics effects we create an amazing impact in every size venue including theater, small concert halls, reception centers, hotels, roofs, sporting arenas,  and all these are delivered with the highest professional safty. 

Indoor Pyrotechnics

The difference between outdoor fireworks and indoor pyrotechnics is the way they are designed and made. Indoor pyrotechnics are manufactured to more stringent standards to ensure extremely accurate and consistent results for height and intensity. These devices offer non-toxic, nearly odorless and very little smoke. The effects are precise and predictable and have little to no "fall-out" (paper or other debris) where they are discharged.

Gerbs are pyrotechnic fountains that can have durations from one-second to thirty seconds. They can be various heights from 2 ft to 20 ft. They come in many colors including gold, silver, red, green, blue, yellow and orange. Gerbs are popular for all special events.

Table Top Sparklers

Table Top Sparklers are ideal for all indoor special events such as weddings, sweet sixteens, birthday parties, bat mitzvahs, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, corporate events, or any other special events.

These devices use gerbs (fountains) turned upside down to create a pyrotechnic wall of falling stars simulating a waterfall. Typically these are done in gold or silver, but waterfalls can be created in other colors. Amaze the guests at a wedding reception while dancing the "first dance" with a backdrop of a pyrotechnic waterfall. Many concerts use a waterfall to highlight the climatic end to a song or set.

Pyrotechnic Waterfall

FX Pro and Best Fireworks offers the top of the line indoor fireworks displays that are perfect for many events. Our indoor fireworks display are ideal for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and special events since they give that special touch to your event and will impress you and your guests.


Our indoor fireworks are popular at live performances such as concerts, orchestras, casinos, night clubs, and more. We deliver the effect that you desire for these special performance.


Also, movies, television shows, and short films deserve the best indoor firework effects which we provide. Contact us today at (305)259-6699 to have indoor firework displays at your upcoming event.

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